NodeConf Tomorrow: Just Arrived in Portland


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More than half of our team just landed in Portland for NodeConf, a one day conference all about Node.js that is happening tomorrow. With all of our work now built in Node.js, including our mapping products and our data visualization projects, we are excited to attend and meet other lead developers in person and talk about where the platform is headed.

You know what else we’re excited about? Bunk beds :) We’ll be taking over a private room at the Northwest Portland International Hostel that has four sets of bunk beds and doing it up summer camp style. The hostel is just a few blocks from the conference venue as well as some restaurants and bars, and most of the team will be there, with the exception of Justin who lives in Portland and Alex who is staying nearby. If you’re at NodeConf and want to meet up, look for us or get in touch via Twitter: Tom, Young, Will, Konstantin, Alex, Jeff, Dane, Justin, Dave, and Eric.

For those new to Node.js, the platform is known for its speed and for being lightweight, and it has a great decentralized community connected through github. Over the past six months, we have been releasing our Node.js code on and If speed matters for the apps that you build, we highly recommend looking into Node.js.

The full schedule for NodeConf is here, and we’ll post back with a link to video if sessions are recorded.

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