Custom Branded Media Players with the JW FLV Media Player


1 min read

Skinning a video player to fully integrate it into your design doesn’t just make your site look and feel tighter, it gives your multimedia content added branding. In the past, this has been an expensive customization. Now, in the latest version of “JW Player”:, an Flash-based media player, Jeroen Wijering includes an excellent skinning feature that allows you to create custom branding for audio and video players. This let’s you replace every element of the interface with custom graphics that match the overall look and feel of the site.

In prior versions of the FLV Media Player, visual customization was limited to a few simple color options. With version four, you can adjust the size, shape, and color of each button with Adobe Flash. Here’s a look at a video player we skinned for EMBARQ:


We highly recommend JW Player and are using it tightly integrated with Drupal.

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