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tipg uses starlette's configuration pattern which make use of environment variable and/or .env file.

Example of .env file can be found in .env.example

DB connection settings

class: tipg.settings.PostgresSettings

Database address

You can pass either the Postgres DSN using DATABASE_URL or with each specific values for usernane, password, host, port and database name.

  • POSTGRES_USER (str): Username
  • POSTGRES_PASS (str): Password
  • POSTGRES_HOST (str): Hostname (e.g
  • POSTGRES_PORT (str): Port number (e.g 5432)
  • POSTGRES_DBNAME (str): Database name (e.g postgis)


  • DATABASE_URL (str): Full postgres DSN in form of postgresql://user[:password]@[host][:port][/dbname]
DATABASE_URL=postgresql://username:[email protected]:5432/postgis

Connection Pools configuration

  • DB_MIN_CONN_SIZE (int): Number of connection the pool will be initialized with. Default is 1
  • DB_MAX_CONN_SIZE (int): Max number of connections in the pool. Default is 10
  • DB_MAX_QUERIES (int): Number of queries after a connection is closed and replaced with a new connection. Default is 50000
  • DB_MAX_INACTIVE_CONN_LIFETIME (float): Number of seconds after which inactive connections in the pool will be closed. Pass 0 to disable this mechanism. Default is 300


DB visibility settings

class: tipg.settings.DatabaseSettings

prefix: TIPG_DB_

  • SCHEMAS (list of string): Named schemas, tipg can look for Tables or Functions. Default is ["public"]
  • SPATIAL_EXTENT (bool): Calculate spatial extent of records. Default is True.
  • DATETIME_EXTENT (bool): Calculate temporal extent of records. Default is True.


  • TABLES (list of string): Allow only specific Tables
  • EXCLUDE_TABLES (list of string): Excludes specific Tables
  • EXCLUDE_TABLE_SCHEMAS (list of string): Excludes Schemas for Tables lookup.
  • ONLY_SPATIAL_TABLES (bool): Accept Tables without geometry or geography column. Default is True.


  • FUNCTIONS (list of string): Allow only specific Functions
  • EXCLUDE_FUNCTIONS (list of string): Excludes specific Functions
  • EXCLUDE_FUNCTION_SCHEMAS (list of string): Excludes Schemas for Functions lookup.
TIPG_DB_SCHEMAS='["myschema", "public"]'

Table settings

class: tipg.settings.TableSettings

prefix: TIPG_

  • DATETIME_EXTENT (bool): Fetch datetime extent by going throught all rows. Default is True
  • FALLBACK_KEY_NAMES (list of string): Primary Key names to look for in the tables. Default is ["ogc_fid", "id", "pkey", "gid"]
  • TABLE_CONFIG (dict of TableConfig)
    • TABLE_CONFIG_ _ {schemaId}_{tableId} _ _GEOMCOL (str): Table's geometry/geography column name
    • TABLE_CONFIG_ _ {schemaId}_{tableId} _ _DATETIMECOL (str): Table's datetime column name
    • TABLE_CONFIG_ _ {schemaId}_{tableId} _ _PK (str): Table's primary key
    • TABLE_CONFIG_ _ {schemaId}_{tableId} _ _PROPERTIES (list of string): Select specific properties from table (for filtering and output)

Custom SQL Function

TiPG allows for exposing custom SQL Functions as collections (see

class: tipg.settings.CustomSQLSettings

prefix: TIPG_

  • CUSTOM_SQL_DIRECTORY (str): path to the directory containing .sql files.

Note: On each connection creation, TiPG will look for all the files within the directory and execute them within the pg_temp schema.

Vector Tiles settings

class: tipg.settings.MVTSettings

prefix: TIPG_

  • TILE_RESOLUTION (int): Default is 4096
  • TILE_BUFFER (int): Default is 256
  • TILE_CLIP (bool): Default is True
  • MAX_FEATURE_PER_TILE (int): Default is 10000
  • SET_MVT_LAYERNAME (bool): Set MVT layername from Table ID. Default is False ("default")

Features settings

class: tipg.settings.FeaturesSettings

prefix: TIPG_

  • DEFAULT_FEATURES_LIMIT (int): Set the default Limit values for /items endpoint. Default is 10
  • MAX_FEATURES_PER_QUERY (int): Set the maximum number of features the /items endpoint can return. Default is 10000.

Tile Matrix Sets setting

class: tipg.settings.TMSSettings

prefix: TIPG_

  • DEFAULT_TMS (str): Default TileMatrixSetId for tiles endpoint. Default is WebMercatorQuad
  • DEFAULT_MINZOOM (int): Default MinZoom for tiles endpoints. Default is 0
  • DEFAULT_MAXZOOM (int): Default MaxZoom for tiles endpoints. Default is 22

TiPG Application settings

Settings to control TiPG default's FastAPI application.

class: tipg.settings.APISettings

prefix: TIPG_

  • NAME (str): Set custom name for TiPG app. Default is TiPg: OGC Features and Tiles API
  • DEBUG (bool): Default is False
  • CORS_ORIGIN (str): Default is *
  • CACHECONTROL (str): Default is public, max-age=3600
  • TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY (str): Path to custom template directory to overwrite the HTML files.
  • ROOT_PATH (str): A path prefix handled by a proxy that is not seen by the application but is seen by external clients.
  • ADD_TILES_VIEWER (bool): Defaults is True
  • CATALOG_TTL (int, in seconds): Tables/Functions catalog Time To Live cache (default to 300 seconds).