Young Hahn

Young Hahn is a Development Seed alum.


UI Lead + Developer

Young not only heads our design team, he is also a lead developer who has pushed some of our biggest R&D accomplishments. Young’s passion for improving software tools and processes to provide better user experiences has led him to co-create TileMill, Open Atrium, and many of our innovative lower-level code projects like various Node.js-related contributions and the Drupal “meta stack” for exportables.

As both an accomplished artist and long time open source developer, Young brings a unique perspective to web design and development that is intensely practical, functional, and beautiful. His combined background in art and web technology drives Young to create new projects that break the mold on the code side while being extremely usable.

Young is a graduate of Williams College with degrees in studio art and philosophy. He’s been hacking Linux since middle school, has written his own form of an open license, and has designed fonts, all while actively trying to make the world smarter through advocacy projects.

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