Martha Morrissey


Boulder, CO USA

Martha is a machine learning engineer at Development Seed. She brings expertise around applying ML models to solve urban challenges and is expanding our modeling capabilities for detecting urban infrastructure like uncommon building types and energy grids faster and more efficiently. Martha is passionate about bringing open geospatial data to academics and innovators as a basis for addressing large-scale global issues.

Martha joins us from Maxar Technologies (formerly DigitalGlobe) where she helped on API development for machine leanring training data access, model creation, and model sharing. Martha also worked on prototyping workflows to detect refguee camps in Syria and burned buildings in California using a combination of traditional remote sensing techniques and machine learning methods.

Martha has a M.A. and B.A. in Geography from the University of Colorado, Boulder and the University of California, Berkeley. Her graduate research involved modeling bike commuting at high spatial and temporal resolutions in urban areas using a variety of data sources including crowdsourced cycling data and OSM data.

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