Justin Miller

Justin Miller is a Development Seed alum.


iOS Developer

Justin Miller is the Apple technologies expert at Development Seed. Justin comes to us with expertise in client-side programming on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and server-side programming and administration on UNIX platforms - all with a specialization in open source technologies. He has been programming professionally in the open source space since the late 1990s and was critical in the formation and later success of several technology startups. He is passionate about connecting disparate technologies in new ways, staying on the edge of new technology, and making a real world impact by moving electrons around in space thousands of miles away.

Prior to joining Development Seed, Justin ran a solo freelancing consultancy firm called Code Sorcery Workshop for more than four years, working with clients worldwide.

Justin studied materials science and engineering, then electronic media, arts, and communication at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, before leaving school to pursue computers and technology in a self-taught environment.

He hails from the Northeast and used to live in Washington, DC, but now makes his home in sunny Portland, Oregon. He can usually be found coding in one of Portland’s many coffee shops or pubs, depending on the weather and the problem at hand.

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