Jeff Miccolis

Jeff Miccolis is a Development Seed alum.


Developer + Architect

Jeff is a senior developer at Development Seed and a web technology expert. His work focuses improving web development processes and streamlining deployment and maintenance. Jeff makes sure our projects and products are designed to last, and that the way we build is in tune with the larger world in which our projects live. This perspective is key to both taking care of our clients and helping build active user bases around our open source projects.

Jeff is an active contributor to various open source projects, is active in local open source groups, and has given numerous presentations at local and international developer gatherings. Jeff is one of the co-creators of Open Atrium, a fully customizable open source intranet framework with a growing community of developers. Along with Young, Jeff also helped create the Drupal “meta stack” that has changed the way products and distributions are built using Drupal.

Jeff has a wide range of experience using different software applications and development approaches, and this diversity is a large part of what makes him an excellent technical lead on our projects. Prior to joining Development Seed in 2005, Jeff worked as a programmer and technology manager at a large labor organization and received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy at American University in Washington, DC.

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