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Anand Thakker no longer works for Development Seed.



Anand is a developer, mathematician, and teacher. He likes his problems messy, his code clean, and his projects full of purpose. Anand is a strong believer in open source software, transparency, and the distinction between correlation and causation.

Anand’s open source technology chops run deep. He’s been hacking javascript since before IE7 and building rich UI before jQuery. He’s designed elegant type systems for messy real world XML data and has helped to maintain

For the last seven years, Anand taught high school math and computer science in Baltimore. He co-authored a textbook series for 9th-11th grade math, centered on problems and problem solving rather than on rote memorization and techniques.

Anand studied mathematics and computer science at Carnegie Mellon university. He earned a master’s degree in education from Harvard University, where he studied philosophy of education and theories of teaching and learning.

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