With American Red Cross

Tapping into OpenStreetMap Metadata

Tracking and understanding OpenStreetMap contributions

OSM-meta-util is a tool to tap into OpenStreetMap changeset metadata. We built the tool in partnership with the American Red Cross as part of the infrastructure for tracking efforts such as #MissingMaps.

OpenStreetMap changesets are an incredibly rich source of information. In 2014 alone, users committed over 6 million changesets to OSM. Changeset metadata includes information such as the username making the edits, number of edits, which editor was used, the commit message, etc. Metadata is helpful in understanding the changing nature of OSM. With metadata, we can track hashtags, analyze commit text or aggregate user metrics over time. This data also provides insight into the motivations of people contributing to one of the largest crowdsourcing exercises on the planet.

OSM-meta-util as to make it easier and faster to explore this rich set of data.

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