Welcome Fausto, product designer, to the team!


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We are delighted to have Fausto join us as a product designer at Development Seed, specializing in data visualization and web map interfaces. He has extensive experience working on climate change, biodiversity, and equality projects and strives to create products that show respect for the planet while enriching people’s lives.

Design is critical to the success and impact of a project. Over the past year, our team has sought to mature our design practice as an integral part of product development. With Fausto’s wealth of experience and visionary design thinking, he has helped the team better address user needs and achieve project goals. Fausto has already begun contributing to multiple projects, including the Visualization, Exploration, and Data Analysis (VEDA) Dashboard. He can uniquely synthesize many user needs and project requirements to craft a design vision that unites the team and energizes stakeholders. Everybody at Development Seed is excited to have Fausto on the team, and we can’t wait to see what he does in the future.

Before joining the team, Fausto worked for a climate tech startup, helping people assess their risks and create adaptation strategies to the climate emergency. He’s also worked on projects for clients and nonprofits such as the World Resources Institute, the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. He led the design of projects such as Global Forest Watch and the Half-Earth Project.

All his life, he’s been lucky to turn his creative passions into realities, and in addition to design, Fausto loves music. For many years he played guitar in a Spanish indie band, touring and playing festivals alongside Wilco and Coldplay. He also started a tube guitar amplifier company. Based in Spain, getting outdoors with his kids is another way he enjoys spending time.


Fausto hiking with his kids in the Pyrenees during the summer.

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