Furthering our support of OpenStreetMap US


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We are happy to be the first organizational member of OpenStreetMap US. The OpenStreetMap (OSM) project is a critical piece of open data infrastructure. For almost 20 years, OSM and the community that fuels it have created the world's de facto map. Because it is community-driven, more areas of the world are being mapped. Individual mappers can put themselves on the map and have a say in how their community appears on the map. What makes OSM special is the community. In all its diversity. From YouthMappers and HOT to Microsoft and Meta and all the individuals, hobbyists, and chapters worldwide.

OpenStreetMap data and community power the critical work of our partners around the globe. From eradicating malaria to managing infrastructure. Open data is a core value of our organization and that of our partners.

Many DevSeed team members have a personal connection to OSM. For some, it was their first step into mapping. We’ve gained so much knowledge, perspective, and inspiration from this community. You can often find us at conferences sharing what we’ve built and giving back where we can.

That is why the opportunity to join OpenStreetMap US as an organizational member was a no-brainer. Under the leadership of Executive Director Maggie Cawley, OSM-US has broadened partnerships, with projects such as Public Domain Map and the Trails Working Group. The Chartered Project program allows OSM initiatives to have support and sustainability - a vital investment in the critical data infrastructure that we all rely on.

We believe in OSM and are happy to be the first organizational member. But hopefully not the last. Please join us as organizational members of OSM US.

Read the OSM-US announcement on their blog.

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