Welcome Matt, application developer, to the team!


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We are thrilled to welcome Matt to the team as an application developer.

At Development Seed we build solutions that reveal insights about our complex and changing planet. Matt is a talented engineer with a diverse skill set that includes cloud and serverless architecture. He applies his knowledge and experience to create collaborative, open science applications. Matt has already jumped in to help with several of our projects that support NASA, including the Algorithm Publication Tool and the Report Generation Tool for the Satellite Needs Working Group at NASA Impact. He will help create incredible user experiences, seamless scalability, and excellent fault-tolerance for these projects and beyond. Matt will be a key asset to these projects, from design through implementation.

Before joining the team, Matt was a DevOps Engineer in the public health technology sector and built the world’s first serverless DNS registrar. He also has experience in public health administration, Innovation Management, community building, and start-ups. His experience encompasses software development, data engineering, and DevOps.

Matt studied Media Management B.A. at Columbia College Chicago. When he isn’t writing software you can find Matthew “crate digging” at vinyl record shops or practicing his roller skate dancing routines.


Matt relaxing with Buckets, his 13-year old Maltese/Shitzu/Bichon rescue pup.

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