Welcome Tim, cloud engineer, to the team!


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We’re delighted to welcome Tim as cloud engineer!

Tim has a strong passion for building open source spatial services for the public utilizing all different kinds and types of geographic data. Tim is already making valuable contributions to our open-science projects with NASA’s Inter Agency Implementation and Advanced Concepts group. Leveraging his experience in implementing scalable and robust software, he contributes to products supporting scientists in writing and publishing scientific documents, and getting government agencies the right products to meet their satellite-data needs. In the future, Tim will draw on his background in GIS and routing to build services that process and manage large quantities of geographic data.

Prior to starting at Development Seed, Tim was part of the team that established the openrouteservice.org ecosystem. He subsequently worked on a plethora of routing solutions for different industry sectors. One of his favorite projects was a routing application for hiking enthusiasts in the Swiss Alps. Tim is driven by satisfied users of services and applications he has helped build.

When not building awesome open source tools Tim enjoys exploring the world bike-packing, and particularly likes the French Alps. Other adventures have found Tim drinking black tea on a ferry while crossing over the Bosphorus in Istanbul and diving in kelp forests in search of abalone in Tasmania.

Join me in welcoming Tim to the team! 👋

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Tim around and about in the Austrian Alps having a ball!

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