Welcome Wille, map data engineer, to the team!


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We are excited to welcome Wille Marcel to the team! Wille is a Map Data Engineer at Development Seed. He focuses on building tools to collect, manage, distribute and analyze map data. He has extensive experience in the geospatial industry, from mapping and data analysis to building APIs and web applications.

As we we continue our pursuit of deriving meaningful insight from massive amounts of map data collected by building products, Wille is contributing to products like the Building Resilience Index Platform for the International Financial Corporation and integrating OpenStreetMap datasets to Microsoft Planetary Computer. These products target a variety of issues including the climate crisis.

Previously, Wille worked with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and led the frontend development of the new frontend interface for Tasking Manager 4, a tool to coordinate mapping on OpenStreetMap. He is also the creator of OSMCha, one of the main validation tools used by companies and individuals OSM contributors, and has been maintaining it since 2017. Wille is also a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner.

We’d like to think that Wille first fell in love with DevSeed back in 2019, when he visited our Lisbon office and had a chance to meet and work with some of our team members. He is very passionate about OpenStreetMap, contributing more than 6,800 changesets. When not working, Wille likes to bike or walk around Salvador, Brazil, try new foods, learn about other cultures, either by traveling or watching movies, and, of course, do some mapping on OpenStreetMap!

Wille exploring Lisbon

Say hi 👋 to Wille on Twitter and welcome him to the team!

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