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Anthony Lukach joins Development Seed as a cloud engineer

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We are delighted to welcome Anthony Lukach to the Development Seed team! Anthony brings a wealth of experience building meaningful tools that harness massive geospatial data. Anthony will help our partners like NASA, ESA, and USGS to distribute earthdata in ways that empower new uses and unlock impact. His first project will be contributing to a new NASA/ESA platform to empower earth scientists to collaborate around better biomass estimation and carbon tracking.

Anthony is no stranger to the open geo. Before joining Development Seed, Anthony was a backend developer at Cadasta Foundation, where he built open tools to collect, manage, and store data on land and resource rights in a secure cloud platform. He’s worked on geodata engineering for groups like NOAA, Osprey Informatics, and POWER Engineers.

Anthony loves exploring the Canadian Rockies near his home in Calgary. He’s currently working on connecting his crock pot to the Internet so he can spend less time cooking and more time playing ping pong and listening to the Pixies.

If you want to say hi to Anthony he’s on Twitter 👋!

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