UI/UX Designer Lane Goodman joins our Impact Team


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Lane designs impactful data products for decision-makers

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We are thrilled to welcome Lane Goodman to our Impact team. Lane is an intuitive and methodical UI/UX designer. He is going to help us to create tools that unlock the power of massive Earth and map data to help doers and decision-makers to be more effective. Lane is already working on improving our OSM-based stack of tools that bring open mapping to government and institutions.

Lane’s design experience centers around connecting organizations and their constituencies around data. He is strongly aligned with our tradition of helping partners to build the right products and then evolve those products on the basis of real user needs. He cares deeply about combining design, communication, and metrics to build interfaces that become an extension of user goals.

Lane previously worked as a communications officer at Results for Development, where he built their design and communications strategy and usability guidance for web platforms. He also served in the US Peace Corps working on improving public health in Guinea. When Lane isn’t at work, he is either petting goats or hanging out with his son Simon.

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Please join me in welcoming Lane to the team! You can reach him on Twitter @LaneGoodman and say hey!

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