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We’re at Understanding Risk this week in Mexico City discussing how streaming data from satellites and the crowd can help decisonmakers to manage disaster risk and build resilient communities. We will share Urchn, a tool to assess how your city is changing and where the map is out-of-date. We will demo the Rural Accessibility Map, which uses complex routing algorithms to model how changes in the road network affect access to crucial services. We’ll also talk about our experiences using machine learning to analyze satellite imagery at scale and to quickly update a changing map.

Olaf and I are excited to join some smart and thought-provoking panels throughout the week.

  • Please join us to improve the map! The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, GFDRR, and Development Seed are hosting an OpenStreetMap Data for Resilience & Mapathon on Monday from 2:00pm-4:00pm in Room C2. Olaf will give an introduction to OpenStreetMap and will share urban planing and disaster response tools that are built on OSM. Members of the DevSeed Data team will support the Mapathon by providing guidance for mappers in Spanish and English.
  • We will share our experience using machine learning in rapid mapping and discuss how this approach can be used in disaster preparedness, mitigation, monitoring and response. The Understanding Risk From Space session is hosted by Catapult Satellite Applications on Tuesday from 2:00pm-6:00pm in Room C4. Other participants include University of Portsmouth and UK Met Office.
  • Olaf will join a panel on Computer Vision and Machine Learning: From CAT Videos to CAT Modeling on Friday from 2:30pm-4:00pm. He’ll review history, concepts and state of the art of computer vision. He will then present some existing applications for disaster risk management.

Follow us all week on Twitter for updates from Understanding Risk. If you’re attending, ping Olaf at @oBirdman or me @LauraDrewGillen to talk about OpenStreetMap, machine learning, or building tools to assess risk. Or just find us for a taco and Pacifico 🍺🌮🍺.

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