Eli Litwack joins the team!


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Join us in welcoming Eli Litwack to the team! Eli will bring fresh thinking to our work on machine learning and computer vision. She is experimenting with new approaches to extract knowledge from satellite imagery on projects ranging from water management to designing better energy infrastructure. Eli will work with us this Spring as part of her senior project at The Park School in Baltimore.

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Eli is a natural born builder, and she uses her skills to create positive change in her community. She is the lead engineer on her school’s robotics team. She won the BitCamp hackathon for her assistive reading device HawkEyes. Eli runs Computers for Kids, a Maryland charity that refurbishes computers and donates them to under-resourced schools, community centers, and families. Previously, Eli interned for the Institute for Disabilities Research and Training and helped create Moroccan Sign Language Clip and Create, a video dictionary that is currently used in all Moroccan schools for the deaf.

Park School encourages student interns to donate their pay to charity. Eli has elected to donate her earnings to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

Welcome to the team, Eli!

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