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OpenAQ, a project we helped build to end air inequality, needs your help to continue growing its data. The project is currently one of the six finalists for the Open Science Prize. Winning this prize would allow OpenAQ to expand the geographic coverage of official data sources and architect the integration of low-cost sensor and satellite data. The latter would be an important step toward bridging the data gap that affects places with poor air quality most.

Air inequality

Poor air quality is responsible for 1 out of 8 deaths in the world, more than malaria and HIV/AIDS combined. Access to air quality data is fundamental for scientists and policy makers to gain a deeper understanding of the issue, but is often hard to come by.

OpenAQ makes it easy to compare air quality around the globe OpenAQ makes it easy to compare air quality around the globe

OpenAQ addresses this issue by providing open access to historical and real time air quality data around the globe. The platform currently provides access to over 32 million air quality measurements, and this number continues to grow at the rate of 150 000 a day. Beyond building an open data platform, the OpenAQ team has done a tremendous job building a global community of scientists, journalists and software developers. A community capable of harnessing the data to influence policy and empower the general public.

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