OpenAerialMap Improved


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It’s been more than a year since we first launched OpenAerialMap, and ever since, we’ve continued to invest in the site and make improvements. We truly believe that this service helps users to share, find and use aerial imagery in as simple and efficient of a way as possible. Below I’ve outlined a few of the ways we’ve improved the site to make for a seamless experience.

Some of the latest changes include:

  • A brand new homepage that introduces users to the project.
  • Improvements to the upload form by adding integration with Dropbox, and Google Drive (not yet deployed, but expect to see this soon). This aims to lower the contribution barrier.
  • Added a feedback form to the browser (allows users to easily report problems with the imagery).
  • Added options for imagery preview, including TMS.
  • Under the hood improvements.

I’ll be at State of the Map in Brussels this week to talk about the OAM project, specifically these improvements and the changes to come. If you’re there be sure to come listen — you can find me in Auditorium C, Friday at 12:30pm.

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