Geospatial World Forum kicks off


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The Geospatial World Forum kicks off today in Lisbon. We will be talking with NGOs, government agencies, and researchers about how they can use open geospatial data and open source software. Our Lisbon team will host an open geospatial happy hour on Thursday.

Open geospatial data is some of the most valuable data that government produce, generating billions of dollars in economic value and tremendous social good. Open geospatial data underlies everything from critical climate change research to many of the apps in your favorite app store.

Libra and Landsat-util are powerful open source tools for processing and analyzing Landsat data. On Thursday at 11:00 I’ll talk at the Open Data track about using these tools in combination with other open software like QGIS to work with open satellite data. At 9:00 Thursday Alireza and Nate will offer a hands on training on open tools for satellite data at the the Open Source Imagery Tools workshop.

We’ll continue the conversation about open data, mapping and satellites at an Open Geospatial Happy Hour that we’re organizing with our friends from Planet Labs on Thursday evening. If you are interested in open geospatial data, please join us. You don’t need to be at the conference to attend.

We look forward to meeting old and new geo friends while you are in Lisbon. If you want to meet me and our Lisbon team hit me up on Twitter.

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