Howdy, Anand Thakker!


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Anand Thakker likes the messy stuff. Whether he’s using historic satellite imagery to measure electrification or finding better ways to teach high school math, Anand embraces hard problems. He brings creativity, energy, and thoughtfulness to every project.

Anand is going to help us to build powerful tools that make a real difference. Anand has always been engineering. He built a search engine with his high school friends. At a startup right out of college, he worked on tools for analyzing and debugging XML-based web services. Then, for seven years, he devoted his energy to teaching high school math and computer science in Baltimore. There too, Anand engineered curriculum and teaching methods for improving students’ problem solving skills.

Anand studied math and computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and has a masters in education from Harvard University. Give him a shout on github or twitter.

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