Development in the Time of Climate Change


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International development is getting harder. Climate change, population strains, and conflict over resources threaten to undo many of the gains made toward the Millenium Development goals. Doing development right means looking outside of country and sector silos and looking to the bigger picture. Today Secretary Kerry announced the launch of the Global Resilience Partnership, a new partnership to address climate and population change through more coordinated and smarter action.

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Achieving the vision of the Global Resilience Partnership will require fluid, fast, and open information that supports coordination and decsionmaking. We are proud to be working with the Global Resilience Partnership on building a data and technology infrastructure to support new ways of addressing global stresses and shocks. Whether it is building tools that connect food security workers with conflict mitigation experts, analyzing and opening satellite imagery after a flood, or helping municipal governments analyze complex data sets, Development Seed is excited to be part of a powerful approach to solving global challenges, forged on openess and collaboration.

The first part this effort will be a global collaborative design challenge. Check out the site for more information on the Global Resilience Challenge. If you prefer viewing the source, you can find all the code on GitHub.

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Photo credit: Melissa Hough

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