Presenting Afghanistan Election Data at Tonight’s GeoDC Meetup


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Update: I had a great time presenting for a warm crowd on a cold evening. I’ve added my slides below

The monthly GeoDC meeting is tonight and I’ll be there to present our ongoing work to open and map data on Afghanistan elections. We’ve been helping to open Afghanistan’s election data since 2009. For 2014 we are working to make high quality data available in advance of the election, rather than weeks after. We believe that better data can lead to better elections. Tonight, I’ll discuss how election maps can help to track fraud, assist in planning media outreach to female voters, and improve the logistics of setting up 6,969 polling stations.

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The Geo DC meetup starts at 7:00 pm tonight (Wednesday, January 8) at Stetson’s, with presentations starting at 7:30 pm. There are some other great talks in the lineup, with Nicki Dlugash from MapBox talking about brand and function in the design of custom base maps, and Jon Marino showing off a very cool map of the quotations posted around DC at

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