Week in DC Tech: Inauguration Day Edition


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While Washington, DC is calming down after a weekend of Inauguration festivities, the local tech scene is heating back up after the holidays. There are meetups this week on Node.js, jQuery, and international development technology, plus a full weekend of events with the OpenStreetMap editathon plus more hackathon and social coding gatherings. Below is our roundup of events happening this week in Washington, DC.

Wednesday, January 23

6:00–8:00 pm

DevCliches Happy Hour : We’ve all heard an elevator pitch or project idea that sounds, well familiar. This is your chance to have fun with the all too familiar practice, and learn what not to say to make yourself stand out from the crowd in the international development space.

7:00 pm

NodeDC Meetup : Interested in node.js and building fast applications in the server-side JavaScript environment? Come out for talks on how to get started using node in production, what’s new in node streams, and to see some fun examples of it use.

Thursday, January 24

6:00–8:00 pm

DC jQuery Meetup : This month’s jQuery meetup will look at how the Atlantic Wire’s HTML5 iPad app was built. Expect a technical walk through on how the app was architected and developed, and the challenges and successes that developers ran into along the way.

Saturday, January 26

9:00–4:00 pm

Domestic Violence Hackathon : Interested in putting your technical and design skills to use building tools to help combat and help with the aftermath of domestic violence? Hackathon events will take place in six Latin American countries and Washington, DC this weekend.

10:00 am

DC Python Group Coding Session : Want to help the Python project while honing your coding skills with a group of other Python developers? Come out to this social coding session to get some work done while meeting new people.

Noon — 6:00 pm

OpenStreetMap Editathon : Communities all over the United States will be getting together to make map coverage on OpenStreetMap better this weekend. Come out to improve your town, enter road and directional data, and whatever else is needed while learning how to improve OpenStreetMap and how to use its free data. We’ll be hosting the DC event at the MapBox office.

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