Week in DC Tech: November 12


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Want to learn how to tell stories through maps and design, learn from others mistakes, or find out more about technologies like Node.js, jQuery, and MongoDB? Then head out to these meetups happening this week in Washington, DC.

Monday, November 12

7:00 pm

DCjQuery: Back to the Basics : This month’s jQuery meetup will take it back to the beginning, with a presentation around how to use jQuery and contribute to it for the novice. If you’ve been wanting to dive into jQuery programming, this will walk you through how to get started.

Tuesday, November 13

7:00 pm

NodeDC Meetup : Four speakers will talk about how they’re using Node.js in their projects, like powering Social Tables and SpanishDict, Node Knockout projects, and more. Come out to learn more about node and meet developers working with it.

MapStorytelling & GeoNoVA Crossover : In this meetup, Liz Lyon will talk about MapStory and the project’s goal of getting more people to share their stories through maps. The GeoNoVa crowd will also be out for the meetup.

Wednesday, November 14

6:30 pm

MongoDC Meetup : This month’s MongoDB meetup will feature presentations on the product road map for MongoDB and the process of migrating from RDBMS to MongoDB and the tool it spawned.

ONA DC: Design is How It Works : This month’s Online News Association meetup will have David Wright, the digital design director for NPR, talk about how design plays into the storytelling experience in a newsroom and how this translates both technologically and visually.

Friday, November 16

6:00–9:00 pm

Fail Faire DC : This event takes the unique approach of looking at — and even celebrating — failure, as a way for everyone to learn from a big mistake. 12 speakers will take the stage to talk about how they messed up big and how we can all learn from it. Tickets are sold out, but there are still spots available on the wait list.

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