East Timor Elections


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Asabiyya Consultants, a democracy, governance, and election observer organization that focuses on societies in transition within the Asia-Pacific region, was in East Timor to observe the Parliamentary election over the summer. Andy Campbell (who we worked with before mapping the elections in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010) saw an opportunity for greater transparency and accountability in the election process, as well as post-election governance, by leveraging mapping to better tell the story of what happened in the election.

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Visualizing open data provided by the Direcção Nacional de Estatística and Secretariado Técnico de Administração Eleitoral and using open source geospatial tools like QGIS and TileMill, we built a microsite that lets visitors explore key aspects of the 2012 elections in East Timor. Check out the map to see for yourself how the election unfolded in East Timor.

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