Week in DC Tech: July 16


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Want to learn more about MongoDB or geo tools, or prefer to talk casually about the news or about how the news can better drive a valuable public conversation before the next election? What about a play about cavemen that’s part of the Capital Fringe Festival? Check out our roundup below of the technology events happening this week in Washington, DC.

Tuesday, July 17

6:00 pm

Hacker News DC : Come out to talk to other readers and contributors to Hacker News, talk about the latest technology news, and share any dirt you may have.


Stone Age Recreation: An Operetta : The Capital Fringe Festival kicked off this weekend and I wanted to plug a show that has been practicing out of the Development Seed garage for the last month. If you have ever been curious about cavemen or musical theater, check out this play at the Studio Theater. We’ll be there on opening night to show our support.

6:30–8:30 pm

Hacks + Hackers: Tools and technology to improve discourse on news sites : This meetup will look at how journalists can improve the conversation around central news themes — and specifically politics — by journalists and the public at large using online tools.

Wednesday, July 18

6:30 pm

MongoDC Meetup : Want to learn more about MongoDB, the open source document-oriented NoSQL database system? Then check this meetup out to meet folks working with it and to hear presentations on how it’s being used.

7:00 pm

Geo NoVA : The second ever Geo NoVA meetup will bring together folks interested in mapping, GIS, geography, geo data, and all things geo to talk casually about their work and interests. Expect a few lightning talks and a round of introductions to kick things off.

8:30 pm — 2:00 am

DC Nightowls Coworking Session : This late night working session brings folks together to work on projects independently — yet together — and to pitch ideas, brainstorm, and chat with other folks working on startup and technology projects.

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