Prose 0.2.0 Now Available


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It’s been two weeks since we launched Prose, a content editor for GitHub. The initial feedback was incredible, and we have implemented some of the most frequently requested features in this release. Prose 0.2.0 adds support for organizations, user profiles, and syntax highlighting, and also fixes a number of bugs that were identified.

Support for organizations

Organizations are now accessible from the start page.

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Selecting one takes the user to the organization profile where its repositories can be accessed.

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We’ve added routes to access user profiles as well.

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Organizations and users can be accessed by URL directly. We’re using the same url scheme as GitHub.

Syntax highlighting

Although Prose is primarily an editor for Markdown files, many users found it to be useful for editing source code files as well. We’ve added syntax highlighting for a range of programming languages to make this task easier.

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Bug fixes and smaller improvements

Here’s a list of bug fixes and smaller improvements we’ve made.

  • We now use the same URL schemes as Github, to have explit routes for editing and previewing files
  • Upgraded CodeMirror to Version 2.3
  • Added loading indicator for posts
  • Fixed a problem with UTF-8 characters

Visit to learn more about the editor and find documentation to help you get started. We highly encourage you to give us feedback — to do so, just head on over to the issue queue.

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