April NodeDC Meetup Tonight at 7pm


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The monthly NodeDC meetup is tonight (April 25) at 7:00 pm at Stetson’s Famous Bar and Grill, by the intersection of 16th and U streets NW. This meetup brings together node.js developers and those interested in learning more about the server side JavaScript system. If you’re looking for fast, highly performant software for the online tools you build, you’ll want to check out node.js.

There are two lightning talks on the lineup for tonight:

  • Dane Springmeyer is in town for a visit and will give an introduction to message passing in node.js, which is critical to scale programs across many cores and machines. He’ll review useful tools, and cover the ‘child_process’ module, the new ‘cluster’ module, and third-party add on’s like zeromq.node.
  • Aaron Silverman will talk about his experiences using free sandbox hosting services like nodester and nodejitsu for hosting node.js.

Talks will start at 7:30 pm, after introductions of the group. More details on the meetup are at nodedc.github.com.

This event happens once a month. For updates on it and the group’s members, follow @nodedc on Twitter, join the meetup group, and watch the event site on github.

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