A Google Maps Alternative: Switch to MapBox


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We just launched MapBox.com/switch, a walk-through showing how MapBox is much more than just a mapping API. Particularly when combined with open source libraries like Leaflet, MapBox provides an incredibly powerful alternative to big traditional providers. The goal of /switch is to show how you can get up and running with an open mapping stack supported by a scalable cloud infrastructure.

In addition to featuring the open source wins of the MapBox Platform, the campaign also highlights some price comparisons. Specifically we’re looking at Google Map’s new price increase for high-end users, which for many businesses that depend on maps, are potentially debilitating. While we continue to look at Google Maps as a powerful integration point for MapBox, and something we continue to support for layering under custom maps, some organizations need to exit Google maps all together to save resources and are looking for viable alternatives. With MapBox, you have options.

To be clear, though, we are not trying to make a one-to-one comparison. MapBox doesn’t have its own satellites orbiting or cars roaming cities. We are not in the business of managing routing information to provide driving directions nor do we currently have the geocoding infrastructure that Google does. But we are in the business of making fast and beautiful maps, and for many organizations incredible base maps at a fair and flexible price makes MapBox a real alternative to Google Maps. Check out our new custom OpenStreetMap base maps that we’re launching later this month.

Read more about how to switch to MapBox and reach out to us if you want to talk about custom pricing packages or longer term contracts.

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