Announcing New MapBox Add-on Packages for Power Users


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In addition to’s growing customer base, our users’ hosted maps are scaling in popularity and complexity. Today we’re announcing aggressive pricing to add more storage and transfer bandwidth to your MapBox Premium account. The idea is to provide simple, transparent pricing add-on packages on demand, with no long term commitments. This flexibly and scalability lets your account grow and change just like your business, in affordable $50 increments that you can turn on or off on a monthly basis.

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MapBox accounts include ample storage for you to share interactive data visualizations and custom base layers that you create with your own data. Now as your storage needs grow, you can add additional packs of 10GB for just $50 each per month.

When your map embeds go viral or you integrate them into a website or mobile app with high traffic, you can affordably scale up your MapBox hosting account by adding extra sets of transfer bandwidth at just $50 a month per 50GB. You get the ability to host custom interactive web maps at a fraction of what large search engine companies charge.

Increase your storage and bandwidth amounts by going to the Account tab in MapBox Hosting, and scale up or down as your needs change.

Extremely competitive pricing

MapBox’s sole business is to help you design and share fast, beautiful interactive maps for the web and mobile devices. As a result, we built a rock-solid hosting infrastructure that can scale for the most popular sites online at an incredibly affordable price. Concretely, 1,000 additional map views beyond your account’s included transfer bandwidth will cost you about 32 cents. Google charges $4.00 for each additional 1,000 map views for stock public maps, and more for Premier accounts. That’s a savings of over 12 times with MapBox, let alone all the additional features you get like compositing, analytics, embed widgets, web-based and offline mobile support, and complete design control using your own data. And there is no long-term contract to sign — just scale up or down your storage and bandwidth allotments monthly as your needs change.

Committed to open source and open data

In additional to fair pricing, MapBox comes with no restrictions on how and where you share your maps. You can make custom maps using your own data in both public and private applications at no additional cost. TileMill, our map design studio, is completely free and open source, so there is no additional cost for using one of our base maps or designing your own from scratch.

We are also committed to providing the best data for maps by supporting the OpenStreetMap community. You can add an OpenStreetMap layer under your own maps for street level detail. Our MapBox world maps feature clean world maps for data overlays as well as satellite and terrain imagery from public sources like NASA and Natural Earth.

Make the switch to MapBox

It’s easy to migrate your mapping stack to MapBox. Check out our extensive documentation at to get familiar with our services and the MapBox API. We offer our premium subscribers 24-hour turn around on any questions and can help you prepare for a migration to MapBox — just post a note at Learn more about our Premium services, and take the tour. If you have questions about what kind of hosting will suit your needs or want to get on the phone to learn more, just contact our team.

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