Recapping DC Tech Foosball Shootout


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Last night 24 teams battled it out in single elimination games to see who was the best foosball team of the night in the DC Tech Foosball Shootout. There was an amazing amount of talent in the room with excited, heated, and practically professional games from the very first round.

After some practice time to get everyone loose and warmed up, we finalized the bracket and started playing.

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There was one Development Seed vs. Development Seed match up, with Foolsball advancing over Team Canada.

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Games got more exciting in the semi-finals, when we switched to best of three matches. Here’s Foolsball playing Backalley FC.

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Then we hit the championship game, with Backalley FC pitted against TeamWebs.

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We got going on the big screen so everyone could watch.

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And after 23 different matchups, we had our champions — Backalley FC.

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Backalley FC, the foosball tournament champions.

Congrats to the champions, and a big thanks to everyone who came out to play and to watch. We’re excited to host more foosball tournaments in the future — so stay tuned. Enjoy the rest of DC Week!

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