Node.js Meetup Tonight in Washington, DC


2 min read

We’re excited to be hosting the November Washington, DC Node.js meetup tomorrow in our garage. The last two meetups have brought out a great group of both Node developers and the curious to talk about what they’re doing in Node, why they’re interested in it, and what the benefits and pitfalls are of using the server side JavaScript environment. We hope to continue these conversations tomorrow.

We’ll start things off casually with beer, conversations, and ping pong at 7:00 pm and then jump into introductions and a round of lightning talks at 7:30 pm. So far, we have two interesting talks on the lineup.

  • Will White will talk about testing node.js web applications with expresso, an async testing framework.
  • Ryan Roemer will talk about Sunny.js, a multi-cloud datastore client for Node.js with read/write streams and async.js.

There’s space for a couple more talks, so if you’d like to give a five minute talk on anything related to Node, come ready to talk this evening.

We’ll have some Bud light, snacks, and Halloween candy to share with the group, and please bring your own drinks and treats to add to the mix. For more details, check out the event page and subscribe to receive future events relating to Node.js.

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