Week in DC Tech: September 19th Edition


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Want to learn about the super fast Node.js, data visualizations for international development, or tech for good? Then check out the technology events happening in Washington, DC this week. For a full calendar, visit DC Tech Events.

Tuesday, September 20

6:30 pm

DC Tech Offline Happy Hour : Do you work in the technology field, but don’t work much directly with the technology? This meetup is for the supporting members that make up the sector.

7:00–9:00 pm

Node.js Meetup : Node.js is getting a lot of attention as a fast, lightweight web environment written in server-side JavaScript. Come see what people are doing with it and meet folks using it. Also, Adrian will give a short talk on underscore.js, a collection of small utility functions that will make you more efficient.

7:00 pm

NetSquared Meetup : Do you use your tech chops for good, or want to? Check out NetSquared, a meetup that discusses strategy for using technology for good and regularly brainstorming web strategy advice for interested nonprofits.

Wednesday, September 21

7:00 pm

Web Content Mavens : This month the Web Content Mavens are hosting web usability and design conversation tables, where in between casual drinks and conversations you can break off to join a topic conversation relating to usability.

Friday, September 23

9:00 am — 5:00 pm

[email protected]: Data Visualization : This [email protected], a recurring event that brings together folks to discuss how technology can improve international development and the government, will focus entirely on data visualization. With a keynote by Edward Tufte, and discussions from folks at Development Gateway, the World Bank, and the Center for Global Development, it will make for an interesting day. Several folks from our team will be there, and Eric will present on our mapping tools and how we’ve used them.

Saturday, September 24

9:00 am — 4:00 pm

[email protected] Unconference: Data Visualization : Drawing on the conversations and topics from the formal conference, this unconference will focus on doing through trainings on how to use specific data visualization tools to discussions on how to implement them.

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