TileMill at Open Data Event in Lima, Peru


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Next Saturday on August 13th I’m helping organize an open data and mapping event in Lima, Peru to connect individuals interested in open data issues in Peru and create more awareness around related tools, projects, and needs. The event, organized by several people in the Open Data Peru community, will bring together developers, government leaders, policy makers, and others interested in open data to share what we’re working on, discuss how to advance Peru’s open data movement, and build out and contribute to projects in the space.

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I’ll bring a TileMill Appliance (a custom quad core, multi-user, powerful TileMill server designed for geodata crunching) to the event so that we’ll be able to have several people build out maps in TileMill. The appliance can be used by any operating system, you’ll just need a web browser to access its web interface.

The one-day event will take place at Escuelab, which with their mission seems like a perfect fit for this event. The tentative schedule is below. We’ll post final details and the agenda on the event page by the end of this week.

La mañana

La tarde

En la tarde, nos enfocaremos en creando algo con datos abiertos sobre Perú, y creando nuestro propio datos abiertos.

  • Taller de experimentación con TileMill
  • Agregando datos a OpenStreetMap
  • Mapeo Aéreo de la base
  • En busqueda de datos abiertos o datos no tan abiertos del Perú


  • Parrillada, o sea BBQ!

I’ll also be tweeting from the event at @ianshward if you’d like to follow along.


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