MapBox Launches $49/Month TileStream Hosting Plan


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MapBox now offers a $49 per month standard TileStream Hosting plan. The standard plan gives you space to host five maps for $49 per month. As your needs grow, the account automatically scales to meet your usage in bundles of five map packages, for an additional $49 per bundle.

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The new standard hosting plan is powered by our existing cloud infrastructure, which also powers our premium hosting packages. The new standard plan leverages all of the same features as the premium plan, like our fully redundant infrastructure and CDN, the map maker feature that provides YouTube-like embeds, full analytics, and Dropbox integration. Watch this video for a walk through of these features.

The biggest difference between the standard plan of five map bundles and our premium plan are bulk pricing, available bandwidth, and phone support. For organizations hosting 50–75 different map tilesets, the premium plan at $499 can be up to 50% cheaper than stringing together the smaller bundles from the standard plan. People who don’t need to host this many maps can just pay for what they need in five map bundles. We hope that the new plan will help nonprofits, small media outlets, and individuals start hosting — and creating — their own custom maps more easily.

Comparison of our two hosting plans

Features | Standard $49/month | Premium $499/month

  • | — | — Tile sets (MBTiles) | 5 | 75 Data transfer | 10 gigs | 250 GB MBTile file size limit | 1 GB | 5 GB Analytics and usage stats | 3 month history | 12 month history Phone support | No | Yes Online support at []( | Yes | Yes Fully redundant cloud infrastructure | Yes | Yes Custom map builder + embedding | Yes | Yes Globally distributed CDN | Yes | Yes MBTiles upload via Dropbox | Yes | Yes 15 day money back guarantee | Yes | Yes

Start hosting

You can sign up for Standard hosting on There are no longterm contracts with TileStream Hosting, you just pay for each month that you use the service. If you are interested in premium hosting, contact us to set up a phone call.

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