Week in DC Tech: May 16th Edition


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With a weather forecast of daily rain, it’s great week to plan indoor evening activities — and why not learn something while you’re at it? Below is our roundup of technology events happening in Washington, DC this week. You can find a full calendar for the week at DC Tech Events.

Monday, May 16

7:00–10:00 pm

Redesign_DC vol. II: Remix DC : This meetup will bring together designers, technologists, and planners for the second time to discuss how to re-design Washington, DC. Presenters will give lightning talks on specific design challenges facing the city and provide an idea to “make DC more awesome” — something we can all get behind : )

Tuesday, May 17

8:30–10:00 am

Spice Up Your Next Proposal with Software : Interested in incorporating the licensing or use of bundled software in your next proposal? This month’s Technology Salon will look at how to best do this so it’s inclusion helps win the bid.

4:00–6:30 pm

Tell a Better Story — The Secret to Great User Experience Design : Come out to this event for a presentation by Intel’s chief UX researcher on user experience design and how technology companies can use best practices to make their products more valuable to users.

7:00 pm

NetSquared: Lessons Learned from CrisisCamp : This month’s NetSquared meetup will look at the vibrant community around CrisisCamp that has helped respond to crises like the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, flooding in Pakistan, Nashville, and Thailand, and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, and discuss what lessons can be learned and replicated from the community and its organizing efforts.

Sunday, May 22

6:00–9:00 pm

Quantified Self Show & Tell @ HacDC : Are you quantified? You are if you use technology to gather and analyze data about yourself. Come out to HacDC for a discussion on how to track yourself online.

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