Summer Mapping and Data Internship


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We’re looking for a mapping and data intern to work with us this summer on upcoming international development and humanitarian relief projects. This internship is for someone who wants to get their hands dirty in the data and the technology and play a real role in our projects.

A typical week may start with cleaning and processing large data sets coming from a client, researching what other GIS and open data sets are available and applicable to the project and or country, and then making a map of it with our map design studio TileMill. At times the intern will also do background information into a country or related topic to provide more context to data visualizations. The intern will work closely with our team, participating in strategy meetings, daily scrums, occasional presentations to our partners — and intense foosball matches.

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If you’re interested, check out the full description, make a map or two with TileMill to get a feel for it, and drop us a line.

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