Week in DC Tech: March 28th Edition


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While the cherry blossoms may be in bloom, the weather has reverted back to winter. If you’re looking for something interesting, educational, and indoors to do this week after work, check out one of these technology events. A full calendar of events is available at DC Tech Events.

Monday, March 28

7:00–10:00 pm

Redesign_DC : Washington, DC is still under many of the building restrictions that were implemented when the city was first planned, which can be both a curse and a blessing. This meetup will bring folks together to talk about how these restrictions impact modern architecture and design, and through short presentations propose solutions to work with or around them to design better neighborhoods.

Tuesday, March 29


Public Diplomacy and Social Media in Latin America : This event will include two timely discussions, given President Obama’s current trip in Latin America. The first discussion will focus on how the State Department is advancing U.S. foreign policy in Latin America through direct meetings, media outreach, and social media. The second will look at innovative technology programs in Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and other countries and their impact on diplomacy.

6:30 pm

DC Lean Startup Circle : Looking for tips to get your startup or idea out of the gate? At this meetup, the heads of two local startups — Giv.to and Style Borrow — will discuss how they’re developing their markets, finding their first customers, and bootstrapping to build their products. This discussion will be followed by an interview with folks from Mixergy, a startup mentorship company.

6:30–9:00 pm

Build It! DC : Ever wanted to build your own instrument, or at least know what it takes to do so? Come out to this meetup to hear how one person took up this challenge and built a harpsichord.

Wednesday, March 30

6:30–8:00 pm

SMC-DC: Smart Social for Start-Ups : DC is home to a vibrant start up community, with new success stories like Living Social and smaller companies making their way. At this event, people from three local startups — Living Social, GeniusRocket, and MyImpact — will discuss how they used social media on a local level to promote their services.

6:30 pm

Web Content Mavens: Social Media and Mobile : The number of people accessing the internet — and social media — on a mobile device is exploding. This meetup will discuss how to develop an effective mobile strategy that merges your online and social media goals.

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