Open Atrium Book Published!


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Packt Publishing just released Drupal Intranets with Open Atrium, the first book out dedicated just to Open Atrium — the Drupal-based platform for building team collaboration portals.

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The book provides a great step by step walk through of how all of the different features in Open Atrium — such as the blog, calendar, and groups — work in way that’s easy for non-developers to understand. The book also talks about how to use an intranet like this to improve workflows and efficiencies, making it as a great tool for teams new to social business software like this, as well as details on how to support, maintain, and administer an intranet.

The author, Tracy Smith, is part of the great team over at Phase2 Technology, another leader in the Drupal product space with great open source tools like Open Public, and who is doing more and more with intranets, Open Atrium, and social business software overall. We have recently worked with Phase2 on two custom Open Atrium deployments for the federal government — more on these sites coming soon!

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