By: Adrian Rossouw


1 min read

The Aegir 0.4 alpha 13 release that came out last week introduces a new field into the platform form that allows you to specify a Drush Make makefile present on the server’s filesystem or accessible from a public website. When verifying the platform, Aegir will fetch and build all the necessary components for that release for you.

This functionality will eventually evolve into the ability of an Aegir install to subscribe to new releases of distributions, like Open Atrium or OpenPublish. Coupled with Feature Servers, this will go a long way towards solving certain development workflow problems.

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We also announced our new Aegir mailing lists, which we’ll add to our current communications options of and IRC (#aegir). We expect the mailing lists to be especially useful for discussing development related problems on the aegir-dev list, since the core team is very widely distributed across the globe.

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