Step by Step Presentation on Building Custom Open Atrium Features: DrupalCamp Philadelphia


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Tomorrow Jeff, one of the co-maintainers of the Open Atrium project, will present on best practices for building custom Features for Open Atrium in his session Bending Open Atrium to Your Will! at DrupalCamp Philadelphia (aka Drupaldelphia).

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Jeff will show the ways in which Open Atrium can be extended and the steps involved in extending it by walking though a step by step example of the best way to build a custom feature. He will do this by showing how we built Atrium Reader, a simple RSS/Atom feed reader feature for Open Atrium that we host on our Feature server on

As Jeff talks about why and how this was built, he’ll also show of all the code that powers it so everyone can see exactly how it works. The goal of the presentation is for attendees to be able to walk out and go build their own custom features for Open Atrium. While this presentation is targeted at intermediate developers, there will also be a good overview of what Open Atrium does out of the box, a general look at the kind of features that you can add to it, and a rundown of what to watch out for when extending it that will be good for people who are looking to manage an Open Atrium custom project.

Full details on Jeff’s presentation are on the DrupalCamp Philadelphia website. Jeff will also be able to talk about our plans around the Open Atrium Partners program if any shops have questions.

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