Open Atrium in Public Beta, Code on Github


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Open Atrium’s code is now in open beta! You can download the code from “”:, learn more about “its features”:, read “why we open sourced it”:, and the “check out the roadmap for the next release”: What we’re most excited about now is getting feedback from you all and growing the developer base over on “github”:


Open Atrium is a light package that’s extensible, both in terms of features and look. We’ve posted documentation on “how to build new features for it”: and “how to change the skin”:, and and we’re currently documenting other “commonly asked questions”: As of now, out of the box Open Atrium is available in English, Spanish, and Arabic, with good progress made on German and Hungarian, and it’s being translated into a dozen other languages. We’ll blog more about the translation service and how you can get involved soon.

To follow up on Jeff’s post from last night I want to thank “all of the alpha testers”: who have helped make this release possible. We look forward to working together on github to keep making Open Atrium better.

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