Stumble Safely Gets a Shout Out in Wired Article on Open Government Data


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“Stumble Safely”: got a great mention in the “July issue of Wired”: : ) In an article on “Vivek Kundra”:, the CIO of the United States, and his missive to get government data online, in one place, and open and accessible (aka “”:, Stumble Safely was mentioned as an example of what can come from opening up data like this. We built the site in last year’s “Apps for Democracy”: contest, which was an effort Kundra backed while CTO of Washington, DC to get people to build apps that use DC’s government data.


Here’s what was said in Wired:

In DC, someone combined several of the data sets released by local government — maps, liquor license info, crime statistics — into an app called Stumble Safely, which shows users the safest way to walk home when drunk.

Yep, we’re the “someone” who built Stumble Safely and you can guess where our need for this app came from : )

It’s an honor to be included as an example of the positive results of opening up government data in Wired. Thanks Vivek and Nicholas Thompson for the shout out! You can “read the full article here”:

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