Defining Spaces Features in Code in Drupal


1 min read

This screencast will look at how to export your feature definitions into custom modules so you never have to build a blog from scratch again. This doesn’t mean every site you build will look and work the same, just that you can cut down on the repetitive tasks you do on every build and spend more time getting the details from your user stories right.

You can check out the code for the myblog module developed during this screencast here:, and you can learn more about Context and Spaces on

I also recommend watching the first screencast in this series if you haven’t already I build on some concepts discussed there. We’ve written about using Context and Spaces to make site building faster before, and we recently posted a screencast about how to build a blog feature through the interfaces provided by Context UI.

Next time we’ll look at how Spaces and Organic Groups can work together to allow you to define and customize features on a per group basis.

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