Building a "Blog Feature" in Drupal with Context and Spaces


1 min read

Earlier this week, Young showed off some of the efficiency wins we got out of using Context and Spaces to cut down on repetitive tasks during site builds. We’ll be running a series of posts over the next month that show how we got there. The first, a screencast on the basics of feature building with Context and Spaces, is below.

This is a follow along demo, all you need is:

For more resources on feature-building with context and spaces, check out the Spaces Features and Context UI documentation on

We’ll do a couple more screencasts in February to better show how to build specific features, and up next is how to build a pressroom. Some future posts will also discuss the programmatic definition of Spaces and Contexts, how to use features in your modules, and using Spaces with Organic Groups. Feel free to post requests.

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