Stumble Safely Launched on Drupal for a Fun, Late Apps for Democracy Entry


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As you can see, we think that what the DC government is doing by opening up its data and asking people to mash it up is a great idea. We hope that more cities follow the lead. To put put our support behind this initiative we decided to enter another website in the contest — one that focuses on the lighter side of things. Welcome to Stumble Safely, a website that will help you find the best bars and a safe path to stumble home on.

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You can see some of our favorite spots on these maps like The Raven, Solly’s, and Stetson’s (where we have our Drupal meetups). It doesn’t matter when or where you start drinking for Stumble Safely to help you. You can see on these maps the crime data based on day time, evening or night to check out what’s most relevant for your party schedule. And since drinking is all about bringing friends together, we are listening for key terms like Adams Morgan, Busboys and Poets, and others that show where the party is on Twitter and posting the messages here.

Stumble Safely was built for the Apps for Democracy competition. If you like Stumble Safely, vote for it!. The purpose of the competition is to show what’s possible when governments open up city data so people can use it how they’d like on websites like this. With this website, we’re using data from DC Crime Data,DC Road Polygons, DC Liquor Licenses, DC Water, DC Parks, and DC Metro Stations.

Not only is this about open data, but Stumble Safely is built entirely on open source software (Drupal/Mapnik) and one of only two apps in the competition to be 100% open source.

What we're doing.