Pick It Off the Feed, Stick It on the Node: Part 2


1 min read

The first time I talked here about the Feed Element Mapper, it was still quite basic — it just mapped feed elements recognized by FeedAPI to taxonomy terms. That was already pretty cool, but what about mapping to CCK fields, and what about mapping any tag — even custom ones — to CCK fields?

Well, the latest developer version of FeedAPI (Jan 23rd), together with Feed Element Mapper 1.0 beta 3, can do this. It offers a straight forward form manageable also for the not so experienced site builder. I recorded this screencast to show you how this plays out on the UI:

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If you would like to try this, take care that you do the following:

  • Use FeedAPI 1.0
  • Use Feed Element Mapper >= 1.0 beta 3
  • Configure your feeds to use parser_simplepie as parser.

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