Daniel Wiesmann



Daniel is a product manager at Development Seed. He specializes in spanning bridges between science, code, and customer needs. He enjoys collaborating with diverse stakeholders to find impactful solutions for complex problems.

Daniel has been following his passion for building online mapping tools since he built his first digital map to visualize his research results. For over a decade, he has been creating geospatial software tools in the cloud by combining Data Science with Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence. The focus throughout his career has been on building solutions that tackle complex social and environmental problems. Daniel has a passion for open-source tools and open data. He has always enjoyed giving back to the community by contributing code and data.

Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy Systems from the Technical University of Lisbon and an MSc in Physics from ETH Zurich. He has researched at renowned institutes such as Cern, MIT, and the University of Cambridge during his academic career. You can find Daniel outside riding his bike or relaxing at the beach when not at work. He enjoys spending time with his family and cooking delicious meals with them.

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